Saturday, June 19, 2010

Interesting Facts-4

Hey, I was checking out my blog stats and it took me almost a year to get 1,000 hits and I've gotten over 400 in the last two months! Next i have had views in The U.S., India, Finland, Australia, the U.K., Candida, Philippines, Sweden, New Zealand, Netherlands, Israel, Mexico, Ireland, Singapore, Germany, South Africa, Turkey, Romania, Pakistan, Latvia, and Japan! That is 21 countries! How do I know this? You can see how many people have seen your blog, what country there from, how they found your website, the estimate of how many people will view your blog today based on previous days and how many people have viewed your blog already that day and other things.

(Yes this is the same post as two hours ago but I got a view from a new country so I re-posted it with the 21th country.)

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