Friday, June 25, 2010

Epsode 1

Episode 1

Me: Welcome to stories with me, Fuzzy-B.
Random Guy: BOOOO!!! Get off the stage!!!
Me: *Pulls lever opening trap door under their seat sending them into The Pit in Early Poptropica* Now lets get the show started off right with a special guest.
Random Person (now in pit): Is it Justin Bieber?
Me: No!!! And no free snacks for you.
Crowd: What's the snack Mr. B?
Me: Crawfish.
*crowd starts to eat Captain Crawfish*
Me: No, he's our first guest!
*Crowd Moans*
Me: So Captain, how is your ship doing?
Captain Crawfish: ARRGGHH!! Ye scurvy dog sunk me ship to the bottom of the Poptropican Ocean. Then you left me to die on Skullduggery Island! *He draws his sword*
Me: Who want's crawfish. As much as you want for FREE!!!!
Captain Crawfish: NO!!! You've doomed me again!
Crowd: *Eats Captain Crawfish* SO YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!!!!
Person in Pit: You're all cannibals
Crowd Member 2: OMG. That was a dude? Mah hands are shaking! I am a cannibal!
Captain Crawfish: I'm okay, They only ate my Fake leg but now my spies will take over the show!!!! HA HA HA!
Me: Oh no you didn't! Sick 'em Mr. Doggy!
Mr. Doggy: Yo man, I'm on brake so take a chill pill brother!
Me: WHAAA???
*my crew runs in*
Crew: Sorry we were late.... wait a second, its those people who passed us on the way here! *points at Captain Crawfish's crew/spies*
Mr. Doggy: Who is sitting in my porridge?
My Crew: You wanna fight Mr. Doggy?
Mr. Doggy: No, fight Captain Crawfish's crew.
My Crew: Okey-dokey.
Captain Crawfishe's crew: Run!!!
Hobo: I ride the rails and you ain't gettin' out of here.
Me: Why did the bouncer let a hobo in?
Mr. Doggy: Oh, I fired him.
Me: Why?
Mr. Doggy: Because he sat in my porridge.
Me: That was my crew!!
Mr. Doggy: Then they're fired.
Me: We are having technical difficulty, please enjoy this commercial brake.

*Catchy jingly plays*
Hey buy my broduct because it will make you younger!
*in a fast voice* Our product doesn't work.

Me: Were back.
Mr. Doggy: Sure, how did you get this job anyway.
Me. Well I will just end this show now and fire you.
My Crew: But we haven't even got to the climax.
Me: O.K.
*my crew gets into a fight with Captain Crawfish's crew. Mr. Doggy jumps in and beats Captain Crawfish's crew*
Hobo: This is all we have for this week and...
Me: Hey, that is my line! This is all we have for this week and come back again for more!


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