Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cute or Creepy?

Since "Dr Hare's Lair" is still needs over 2,000 supports, we have a new Dr. Hare themed insensitive to vote! To "help you visualize just how cool a Dr. Hare Lego set would be" the creators have released this new Dr. Hare Paper Craft!

So, cute or creepy? You be judge when you put it together yourself!

Now to some Daily Pop preview news. It appears that there are some sneak peaks floating around that could possibly be Mocktropica Island or another yet to be announced island. 

The first two appear to be of someone navigating a lava flow. The second appears to be of an octopus(?) and the third looks like the inside of a computer. So, Mocktropica or something new? Only time will tell what islands these are sneaks peaks of.

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