Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Time Tangled: Now with sound!

Yes, you read that correctly! Time Tangled Island, Poptropica's 3rd Island released has now become Poptropica's 4th Island released with sound!


 First appearing in 2008, Time Tangled Island has now become one of the first islands to receive sound effects and music! I must say, this is the best job yet on the music and sound effects. 

First, the sound effects are amazing. The creators really went all out on this one. Everything is absolutely perfect in regards to the sound effects! The music is also top notch! Every time period has it's own different soundtrack! The most amazing probably is the bad future. The song is both creepy, but perfect for the game! If you haven't had a chance to check out the new update take a look at the video bellow!

In other news, a new creator has surfaced. You may have seen him in Daily Pop previews. You may have seen him hiding in Zomberry Island. But you have never seen him like this! A creator who needs to learn how to spell!

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yo WASSUP poptropicans! gamer guy here ready to give u the hottest poptropica news and the freshest takes on the world of gaming.

a little bout me: i love 2 game, i game 24/7, and im probably the best gamer u know lol!

What a great guy! I can't wait to read skim through his other posts!

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