Friday, July 5, 2013

The lost levels of Poptropica (Multiverse 2.0)

All this week the Daily Pop has been filled with images of what appear to be unused Multiverse rooms accompanied by the caption "One of the lost levels of Poptropica." They are compiled below.

Ice House

Country Cabin

Fantasy Forest
Future Fest
Water World

 Most of these "lost levels" has a very close connection to an already existing Multiverse room. The "ice house" bears a very close resemblance to the Crystal Cavern mixed with the Ice Planet from Astro-Knights. The "country cabin" could be an early idea for what would become Sweet Tooth. The "fantasy forest" is basically almost the exact same as the Enchanted Forest. The "future fest" could possibly be connected to the Big Brain Factory. What do you think of these lost levels of Poptropica?

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