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Super Villain Guide

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You’ll start Super Villain Island by coming off the blimp onto an Oil Rig. Jump up the platforms or climb the rope on the right hand side until you reach the top level with the control room toward the left of the oil rig. Go inside and then head right to the Office.
Once you are inside the control room, you will overhear a conversation between an employee and the Director of operations on the Oil Rig. Speak to the operator in the room and you will be sent on a mission to aid the Director.
Head back out of the control room and a helicopter will appear out of the sky and land on top of the oil rig. Get into the helicopter to begin your adventure!
The suddenly weather turns bad and the pilot forces you to jump! Thankfully, he provides you with a parachute and once you jump out, you will start floating down toward the water slowly.
While you are floating down, you will encounter two obstacles — clouds and lightning. Avoid the clouds as best you can, as they slow you down and make your reaction to the lightning too slow to get out of the way. Keep your eye on the top of the screen for a white glow directly above you. Swiftly move your Poptropican left or right to avoid the lightning strike. If you are struck by lightning, your parachute will catch on fire.
Once you land in the water, swim to your right and jump on the first rock you see. Make your way up and to the right along the rocks. There will be a pair of tough jumps that you might not think you can make, but keep trying, you’ll make it. Once you make it up on the right hand side, you’ll encounter a security camera looking at you. Get close to the camera and let it “see” you and a door will slide open. Enter the door to go into the maximum-security prison called Erehwon.
Once inside the prison, run to your right and speak with the guard. He will tell you that you have to go through some security screening tests and you will be X-rayed, scanned, washed and dried before having your picture taken.
Continue to your right and then press the up button on the elevator to go up to the Director’s lab. Speak with the Director and he will show you an amazing experiment that brings you into the dreams of Binary Bard, Captain Crawfish, Black Widow and Dr. Hare!
To use the machine, press the arrow up or down on the left side to choose which Super Villain you want to visit and then press the button on the right to execute the command.

Captain Crawfish

Your first stop should be Captain Crawfish’s dreams. You’ll need to be extremely cautious in Captain Crawfish’s dream, so as not to disturb any of the sleeping Captain Crawfishes. Walk to the left of the door and jump up on the hanging lamp. Then, jump to your right above the door and you will pick up an orange key. Continue to your right and down the cargo net. Then move slowly to your left until you encounter the orange chest. Open the chest to get the Stopwatch.
Now, jump up on the lamp and near the top to get the green key. Head all the way left and climb the cargo net. Jump up on the platform above you to open the green treasure chest and you’ll get the Turpentine. Now, exit Captain Crawfish’s dream.

Dr. Hare

Dr. Hare dreams about ant mazes! So head to your right and dig down just below where the ant hill reaches the surface. This is the easiest area to make it to the bottom. You can use your pick axe to attack the ants if you end up on the same level as them. Keep digging down through the dirt, but you will not be able to dig through bedrock.
You will dig through the first level and drop to the second level. Keep digging down until you are on a surface of bedrock and with no more dirt areas for you to dig down. Toward the middle of the screen, you should see an empty sprayer bottle. Work your way toward the bottle and then click the “surface” tile to return to the top and exit the dream.

Black Widow

Now that we have the turpentine and the sprayer bottle, we can go get Black Widow’s Totem! Head into Black Widow’s dreams and you will see that she has destroyed some famous artwork. Speak to her and make sure to select the second option. Open up your inventory and click on the Turpentine to put it into the sprayer bottle. Black Widow will get very angry and send her spiders after you.
You’ll need to enter each of the three paintings to clean them up with your turpentine sprayer. In the painting on the left, don’t miss the Shrinking Potion bottle in the upper-left. It may help to get rid of all of the spray paint first, and then get the Shrinking Potion, as the spiders will stop attacking you once the painting is clean.
In the second painting, on the upper-right hand side, you’ll see a blue key. Don’t forget to grab the Crystal Key, as you’ll need it for Binary Bard’s dreams.
Finally, in the third painting, just clean the painting, there’s no item that you need to grab in this one.
After the paintings are all cleaned, Black Widow will become even more upset and she will start attacking you as well. You need to get past her and her spiders and use your turpentine spray bottle on the painting in the center of the room that has her picture. You will have to hit it a number of times with the turpentine spray, but it will eventually melt away and you can collect her totem!

Binary Bard

Now that we have the Stopwatch and the Crystal Key, we can retrieve Binary Bard’s totem. Head into Binary Bard’s dreams and open up your inventory to equip the Stopwatch. This is a magical stopwatch that can briefly stop time! You’ll need to use this stopwatch throughout the entire dream, so get ready!
The first door is swinging back and forth. When it swings open, press space bar to stop time and Binary Bard will run through. You’ll run through the door too and get stuck on the other side! Go through the next door and you’ll run into Merlin the owl. Avoid him as best you can and get through the next door. Make the robo-mouse help you jump over the barrier on the right and then enter the domain of Binary Bard!
As you progress to the right, there will be various floating and rotating platforms. Use your stopwatch to freeze the platforms so that you can jump on them with the flat side up. Once you have made it over to the right, make your way up and to the left. You will encounter a diamond drill, don’t miss it!
On the upper-left of the screen, you will see a crystal structure with a clock in it. Open up your inventory and use the Crystal Key to open the lock for the final stand with Binary Bard.
Once inside, Binary Bard is embedded within a clock. All you have to do is freeze time when both hands of the click are pointing at either 3, 6, 9, 12. For example, 12:30, 3:15, 9:00, etc. When the hands are facing those numbers, it sends a shock through Binary Bard. Once you shock him 3 times, you can collect his totem and exit the dream.

Back to Captain Crawfish

Now that we have the Shrinking Potion, we can retrieve Captain Crawfish’s totem. Head into Captain Crawfish’s dream, and make your way to the right but instead of climbing down the cargo net, jump up to the platform on the upper-right where you see the ship in a bottle. Use your shrinking potion from Black Widow’s dream and you will enter the ship.
Once you are in the ship, the same rules apply — don’t wake the sleeping Captain Crawfishes! We have to break the ship out of the bottle but without disturbing them. Make your way to the right and then up onto the mast to your left. You can duck to avoid waking the Crawfishes as the pass you. Follow the Captain Crawfish on the mast to the left and click the edge of the box to lock him in.
Jump up to the next mast and head to your right and do the same thing to the next Crawfish. Now, drop down and to the left. Run along the bottom until you see the cannon. Jump up to the cannon and fire it. You’ll break open the bottle and have earned Captain Crawfish’s totem!

Returning to Dr. Hare

Now for the final totem! Head into Dr. Hare’s dreams and equip the Diamond Drill. Make your way down through the levels just as before, but on the second level, go ahead and drill through the bedrock, as your diamond drill now lets you get through it!
You’ll notice that the 3rd level is all bedrock, but it’s no match for your diamond drill, so keep drilling down and killing the ants. You’ll see Dr. Hare and a pile of rocks next to him. Drill through the pile and you’ll uncover his Golden Carrot totem. Once you get it, click on Dr. Hare and you’ll be transported out of his dream!
Now you have all 4 totems, mission accomplished, right? Well…. not so fast! You’ll bring the items to the Director and you’ll find out that he has a secret. He had you on a mission to collect these evil items for him because he is Zeus!
Zeus will fly away and you, along with the 4 Super Villains, will be blasted out of the mountain and into the water. You’ll see a news broadcast showing all kinds of destruction all over Poptropica and, of course, you’re the only one that can save Poptropica!
Once you regain control, swim to your left and Poseidon will appear. Speak to him and he will give you his trident for you to fight Zeus. This will take you straight into the fight with Zeus.
If you’ve ever played Mythology Island, the battle with Zeus is quite similar this time as well. As you play, Zeus sends lightning bolts and fireballs at you, and pink clouds will appear randomly throughout. Make sure to pick up the pink clouds as those represent your life in the game. The more clouds you have, the more health you have. Also, make sure to keep Zeus on his toes throughout. If you’re constantly firing at him, he won’t be able to call the fireball attack.
You’ll need to destroy all 4 totems that are now embedded in the Statue of Liberty and then destroy Zeus. It will take some time, but you will manage! Once you have defeated Zeus, he will take it a step further and use the statue’s eyes to create huge lightning bolts. Again, maintain your pink clouds and attack the eyes!
Once you defeat the statue, you defeat Zeus and you will be brought back to the prison and will be awarded the medal! Congratulations, you have beaten Super Villain Island!

Bonus Quest:
The Super Power Island Villains have kidnapped a guard and you need the access codes that are in Zeus' mind, but he is asleep! You must go into his mind and find the code one letter at a time. Once you are in his dream, the color will be negative and the controls backwards. The first area is the Labyrinth. You must just run around each corner and dead end till you find all of the pieces in that room. Once you have found all of the pieces in that room you are transported to the next area. Now you must be careful because Zeus is flying around. Search around for the next pieces and you will then be transported to the last area. Once you find all of the pieces here, you wake up and give the code to a security guard. In return he gives you the Dream Gaurdian Suit.


  1. i cant do the bonus quest, and idk how to get back to the blimp after defeating the island! help

  2. You most likely can not do the bonus quest because you aren't a member. To do the bonus quest you must be a paid member. I can help you get back to the blimp though! You exit the prison and go to the rocks around where you enter. You go to your items and use the walkie-talkie to call the helicopter. Get in the helicopter and it will fly you back to the oil rig where you can get on the blimp and leave!

  3. Thank You very much for your answer. I was so frustrated bcus I didn't know how to get out.