Monday, September 3, 2012

Like Shooting Stars

The new PCB post gives us a warning! Time is runing out... It will soon be to late...
To get the Zaggy Moondust costume in the Store!

One week left to get your Lunar Colony costume!

Lunar Colony will be available to everybody next Thursday, September 6. That's the good news.

The bad news? The limited-edition "Zaggy Moondust" costume will no longer be available after that date! The only way to get the costume -- not to mention the Moon Rock and Alien Archaelogy power -- is to become a Member today. You'll get Early Access to Lunar Colony, access to the Lunar Colony bonus quest, and these three Members-only items.

So what are you waiting for? Find out how to become a Poptropica Member today!

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That 80's Pop Star we all forgot and love is going to disappear forever! So act fast, because once Lunar Colony is out for non-members he will be gone. That is the other big news! Lunar Colony comes out for non-members this Thursday, September 6th!

Finally, congrats to the winners of the Back to School Contest. After the success of the contest I have decided to do another contest and give away these prizes!
That is right, the Super Villain Island Contest is coming soon! I know that you have two questions.
1. When is this?
2. What is the Bonus Prize?
The answer to the first is the day of the release of the Island! Yes, once the Island is released I will start the contest and you can win these! The answer to the second question will not be revealed until the contest starts, so make sure to check back the day of the release to see what the Bonus Prize is and how to win it and the rest of the awesome prizes!

Bonus Prize: Night Hare Costume!

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