Sunday, September 16, 2012

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja Advertisment

There is a new advertisement for Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja on main streets around Poptropica! There are three different games, each with their own prize.
When you walk in, go to your left till you see Randy. He will say that he “dropped the Ninjaomicon in something stanky and needs our help putting it back together.” This is like the game in Time Tangled when you put the painting back together. You have to put two pages back together and you get two minutes for each. When you win that you get the Ninjaomicon prize. When you use this a page of the book pops up with a piece of Ninja Wisdom. 

The next game is “Ninja Target Practice”. In this game you have to throw Ninja Rings at monsters and bad guys. You have to hit 20 of them in a minute, but be careful because if you hit Randy or his friends three times you lose! The prize for this game is the Randy Cunningham Ninja Suit. 

The final game is the longest and hardest. Go over to the gym and Randy says you have to come save Howard from the robot gorillas that have cornered him in the gym. The trick is you can’t let them see you so you use the objects around you to break them so you can go on past. Here is how to defeat each of the gorillas:
1st: Walk over to the water fountain by the gorilla and click on it to spray water on the gorilla and short circuit it.
2nd: Slide the oil drum off from the crate beside the gorilla so it falls on it and you can pass.
3rd: Hop on top of the light that has the wiring that looks loose and it will fall on the gorilla.
4th: Pull the switch by the “DANGER: Water Pressure” sign. The sprinklers will come on and short out the gorilla.
Once you make it to Howard, you win. The prize this time is the Ninja Kick ability. You now have all three prizes and have completed the Advertisement!
The three prizes of the Advertisment



  2. That is the date of the contest but not the answer for the prize. So check back then to see how to win!