Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The first 10 to save the mall!

Well it looks like there the first ten to capture save the mall have been released to the public. Am I the only one thinking that it isn’t safe to reveal the identity of these heroes the villains that they helped imprison?

Congratulations to the first 10 finishers of Night Watch Island!

Many Poptropicans have completed Night Watch Island. They've shopped 'til they've dropped; they've succumbed to mall madness. It was a wild weekend on Poptropica, that's for sure.

We'd like to extend special congratulations to these players, who were the first 10 to complete Night Watch Island on its opening day!

1. Comical Thunder
of the Nightcrawlers
2. Dangerous Popper
of the Seraphim
3. Brave Eye
of the Nightcrawlers
4. Trusty Penguin
of the Wildfire
5. Wild Dolphin
of the Wildfire
6. Young Cheetah
of the Wildfire
7. Comical Bubbles
of the Nanobots
8. Wild Shark
of the Pathfinders
9. Messy Eagle
of the Seraphim
10. Prickly Shadow
of the Nanobots

Well done, one and all. And good luck to everyone else about to embark on this after-hours adventure!


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The Binary says shop till you drop, have you shopped till you drop? Have you saved the mall? If you’re having troubles make sure to check out our awesome guide! Finally there is a new contest coming soon and here is your first preview!


  1. I know what the contest is!You're giving away rare limited time costumes!

    1. And it will be when you get 100,000 hits!