Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Adventures of Captain Lightning: Episode 9

Episode 9: Limited Engagement Part Two

May 9th:
With all of the Xenon-8 around there was no sensible way out. He couldn’t take them all on. If he ran, the victory would go to them, and he would have no ground in this. What is he going to do? There really was only one thing to do. He hit his belt and the wings popped out. The Xenon-8 army was charging and he flew up. He threw down the last three transporters and hit three aliens. But that was the extent of his victory because as soon as he was out he was grabbed by one of the aliens, but this one was different. It appeared more advanced then the others. It seemed to have electric armor, and an eye patch. Why? Why does a skeleton need an eye patch? Either way it had a hold of him and threw him down on the ground. This thing meant business.

While this was happening, there was research being done by the Professor. He was figuring out how to close the portal to end this for good. It wasn’t making any sense. The data was showing that there was a very slim chance of it being closed on our end. There was no way of it being closed on our end. To close it some one would have to go through. This is not going to go well.

Captain was thrown through the wall nearest to him. He couldn’t handle this. Not by himself. His wings were malfunctioning. Completely. There was no escape. Only fighting his way out. He still had some explosive pellets to use. Once the alien commando caught up with him he threw all of his explosive pellets at him. There was a large explosion then silence. Now he just needed to find a way back to the lab. Just to find out some awful news. His mission is about to get even harder then ever.

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