Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Adventures of Captain Lightning Episode 2

Episode 2: Origin Part Two

March 22nd:
Scary Lightning marched down to PS 101 to find CJ. Along with his new found strength there were some side effects. He was dizzy and disorientated. Once he reached the school he asked the principal to call her down to the principal’s office so that Scary could talk to her. Once CJ arrived her made her follow him to an empty room so he could find out what was going on and why he was having the symptoms he was having.
“What was the big green flash?”
“What big green flash?”
“You know what I’m talking about,” he wasn’t going to leave without an answer.
“There was no green flash.” Scary walked over to the door and slammed it so hard that it cracked.
“Now, tell me what the flash was and why I can do all of this!” CJ sighed and sat down.
“I was experimenting with Xenon rays. The portal became unstable and exploded. The rays shot upward and I thought that it was over.”
“Yes, Xenon rays only come off of the Fire Planet at the end of the galaxy.” Scary had heard of this planet. It had something to do with some big news from Astro-Knights Island. He didn’t really care about the islands over on that side of the map so he never paid attention to the news.
“So, you’re telling me I was mutated by radiation from a planet on the other side of the galaxy?”
There was a slight noise behind Scary and he fell to the floor.

March 23rd:
When scary woke up his head was throbbing. He didn’t know where he was but he was in a cage. There were people in suits, ties, and dark sun glasses all around him. He wasn’t familiar with this part of Poptropica but he knew where he was and what they were going to do to him. He heard the stories of what happened to people on Spy Island. He knew what he had to do. He busted out of the cage and made a wild dash for the door. The building went into lockdown immediately and the door was barred. Scary didn’t care; he busted the door open like it was made of tin foil. Once he was out on the street he ran as fast as he could. He ended up at the docks and went inside a building to hide. He saw some clothes lying around and grabbed them. A bandana, hat, and jacket were now his. Once he had changed he waited for a few minutes and made a dash for the blimp.

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