Sunday, November 25, 2012

Costume Closet Contest

 Note: Scroll down for updates, including the first episode of The Adventures of Captain Lightning!

Now that Super Costume Closet has been released for everyone there has been a lot of excitement over it. With all of the excitement going on I thought I would give away accounts with some pretty awesome costumes to save in the new closet! I thought and thought about what to do, so I decide to give away super rare, impossible to get, epic suits from old advertisement buildings!

For those of you unfamiliar with how my contests work,the Passwords to these accounts are hidden throughout the blog, so look through the blog to find them. Once you find a password, post in a comment you found it and you will be named the winner of whichever suit you find! Good luck and remember, change the password so you can keep it forever!


  1. Buzz Lightyear Password: prepp
    Flint Lockwood Password: subbb

  2. Yes! There are still two to find!

  3. Mata Nui Suit:pass:power

  4. Fuzzy I got all those cheats already :D

  5. ERm its not impossible
    btw yogos is llbean

  6. FuzzyContest12

  7. I can customize whatever a player is wearing as long as I know their username including what they are holding and anything in their costume closet so thanks for the usernames! :D

  8. hey fuzzy b how did you get those medals
    ls you have on can you tell me