Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pop Quiz: What Do You Do In A Zombie Attzck?

Well, it's that time of the week again, time to check out what's new on the PCB. This week we will be spotlighting two new posts.
The first new post is about all of the new pop quizzes that have been added to the friends feature.

Finally, a pop quiz you'll enjoy

We've recently added dozens of new pop quizzes to Poptropica Friends. Now, you can share with the world even more of your unique personality -- and learn more about your friends, too.

Taking pop quizzes is easy. Just log into your Poptropica account every day for a new quiz, and check out the "recent activity" tab to see what your friends have been up to.

I never knew that Captain Crawfish can climb trees! How do you do that with a peg leg? Very slowly, I guess.

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 Yes, there are finally more pop quizzes! How exciting! Now everyone will know whether I like ice cream in a cone rather than in a bowl! There is also a new post all about something very scary!

Fear is in the air

Halloween is coming up. It's one of our favorite holidays. Nothing is more fun than dressing up in a costume, getting free candy, and --

--getting scared out of your wits!

Yikes, didn't see that one coming.

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Don't let that light go out! So it appears that there the new city themed island will also be Halloween themed! This does raise some questions though...!
First, the creators announced that the next island is going to be based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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  1. Thanks guys that's nice to know but it is June 9th 2013 now!


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