Saturday, October 27, 2012

Poptroica Adventures: Coming Soon!

There is a lot of new information coming out about the new Poptrpoica video game "Poptropica Adventures" on the Nintendo DS. The words of Jeff Kinney are "We're excited to bring the world of Poptropica to the Nintendo DS. We've picked three of our most popular Islands and given them a twist with exciting new challenges and storylines. We think kids will have fun exploring our world in an experience only the Nintendo DS can deliver!" The game will feature Mythology, Super Power, and Astro-Knihgts Islands like we have never seen them before. What will be going doen in these new adventures different than what we have allready seen, or will it be the same, just on a new format? It appears that we must buy it to find out! If that isnt enough ensentive to get the game there is also something else!

These two new costumes' names have not yet been reveled, but I allready want them. One appears to be a Lighning Warrior and the other some sort of Medusa Surfer Costume! Do you plan on buying the game or are the costumes not enough to convince you?

Also be on the lookout for season two of contests! This season the Scavenger Hunts will be harder and the Suits will be even wackier, so stay tuned to see when the contests begin for your chance to be our featured winner!

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