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Poptropolis Games Guide

Poptropolis games is pretty straightforward as far as puzzles go for a Poptropica Island. In fact, there are no puzzles to solve in Poptropolis Games — it is just a collection of olympic-themed minigames that you must do well in to earn the Poptropolis Games medallion. There are a total of 9 events, with 1 bonus event. The events are: Archery, Diving, Hurdles, Javelin, Long Jump, Pole Vault, Power Lifting, Shot Put and Triple Jump. The member’s only bonus event is Wrestling.

When you land on the island, you’ll need to choose your tribe. Which tribe you choose doesn’t have any effect on how to beat Poptropolis Games, so choose which tribe you like the best! We’ll organize our cheats in the order the events are listed in Poptropica, but you can complete them in any order you like.
Our best advice for how to come in first for Poptropolis Games is to figure out which event you do the worst at and do it first. If you don’t do well or completely fail, just bring up the map and click “Restart Island” and start again until you get a good result (first, second or third place) in that event and then continue. That way, you won’t keep wasting all of your time!



Getting the gold medal in Archery by coming in first is very difficult. Sometimes the other players will score a perfect 100/100, which really gives you no chance. In order to get first place in Archery, you need to score at least 96 or higher, which means you have to get 9 arrows into the center bullseye for 10 points each and can only get a couple of 8s or 9s.
The key to doing well in Archery is to watch the wind speed. You’ll see a flag on the upper right and you’ll see the wind speed as a number on the upper left. The speed of the wind will change between 3-7 miles per hour and you will need to adjust your aim to compensate for it.
If the flag is pointing to the left, then you need to aim your arrow to the right of the bullseye, and the opposite if the flag is pointing right. If it’s only 3mph, you only need to aim right a little bit, if it’s 7mph, you’ll need to aim a bit further to the right. Keep in mind that when you are aiming to compensate for the wind, you don’t want to aim any further out than the blue ring.
Now that you have your aim set where you want it, just wait until the power meter is nearest to the bar in the middle and click your mouse to let the arrow fly! Once you have started hitting the bullseye, keep your mouse very still and make sure that the wind speed number is the same each time that you shoot the arrow and you should be able to hit a good number of bullseyes, getting you a high score in Archery!
Top Score: 100 Points



In order to beat Poptropolis Games, this is an event that you need a first place finish in because it is one of the easiest. When you attempt the diving event, you will have to complete three dives of increasing difficulty. Each dive will have a series of flips, either front flips or back flips, and you get +5 points for each flip in the dive.
The first dive has 2 flips, the second dive has 3 flips and the third dive has 4 flips. Adding all the points together, you can get a total of 45 points, which you’ll need to come first in diving.  All you have to do is put your mouse on the right side of your Poptropican to do a front flip and on the left side to do a backflip. Keep an eye on the lower left, which will tell you what flips have been completed so you can switch directions quickly if you need to.
While the instructions say that you need to click at the end to enter the water perfectly, it doesn’t affect your score, so don’t worry about it if you just manage to finish that last 4 flips dive and can’t click, you’ll still get all 20 points!
Top Score: 45 Points



As many times as I tried the hurdles, I always missed one or two of them and was never able to win first place in the hurdles event! However, no matter how badly I timed all my jumps, I never placed worse than third place.
In the Hurdles event, your Poptropican will take off in a race and you need to click to jump over the hurdles. If you jump too early or too late, you will get caught on the hurdle and it will slow you down. Try your best to time the jumps as perfectly as possible, but a few stumbles is ok. If you can place second in the race, you have done well and can move on to the next event!
Top Score: Around 30 Seconds



In the Javelin event, you have to set the angle and power of the Javelin as you throw it, with the goal being to throw it as far as possible. You get 3 attempts and Poptropica will take the highest score and use it to compare against the other tribes. This means all you need is one good throw!
When you start playing, you will see the angle of your javelin going up and down. Try your best to get click once to set the angle right in the “green” range for the javelin. As soon as you click, it will start the power gauge, which only goes up once, so you must be ready to click again immediately! Try to let the power go all the way to the end of the green part and let the Javelin fly.
If you click too early on the power gauge, you will not throw the javelin very far, but if you let the power gauge go into the red, it doesn’t mean  max power, it means you will fall off of the platform and fault! In order to win the Javelin event and get first place, you need to get a near-perfect throw of 195 meters or better. In fact, if you throw it just right, you can throw it all the way off the course into the bushes at over 200 meters!
Top Score: 204 Meters


Long Jump

If you want to place first in the long jump, you’ll need perfect timing on your clicks to get the longest jump out of all the tribes. You get 3 attempts, just like with the Javelin and the game will use your longest jump as your score.
You need to hold down your mouse button until you get to the fault line, and then let go of the button to make your jump. You can get a little help by watching the numbers on the floor, they count down from 10 down to 1. Make sure to jump before the line, or else you will fault.
Once you are flying through the air, you have one more thing to do. When you are at the very top of your jump, about to start heading down, click your mouse one more time to give yourself a boost in the air and launch yourself further. If you time it just right, you should be able to win the long jump and get the gold medal for the event.


Pole Vault

The Pole Vault was the hardest event for me to master — I just didn’t have the coordination for it. The first thing you need to know about the pole vault is that you are pole vaulting for distance over the bar, not actually for higher and higher bars!
The event starts with a countdown and your Poptropican will automatically start running. When you get into the vaulting area, where it turns to sand and you see a word written on the ground, click to plant your pole. Wait a short time until your Poptropican seems to be launching off the pole and then click your mouse again to launch your Poptropican off of the pole and over the bar!
If you do it right and get over the bar, you nearly always come in first for the Pole Vault!
Top Score: 49.9 Meters


Power Lifting

The Power Lifting / Weight Lifting event takes the longest of any of the other events in the Poptropolis Games. In the event, your Poptropican lifts varying weights from 100kg up to 500kg against the clock and you control them by clicking on a small button above you that slides back and forth in an arc.
The button is programmed to avoid your mouse, so you’ll have to chase it around and click on it as much as possible when you “catch” it. Each time you click, you will see the button turn green and have an up arrow, which will cause your Poptropican to lift the weight higher. Be sure not to click unless you are on the button and be quick, because if you wait too long between pressing the button or miss it, the button will turn red and have a down arrow, and your Poptropican will start dropping the weight.
As the weight goes up, the button moves faster and faster and the time you are given to complete the task decreases. If you can manage to lift the 500kg weight, you will get first place in Power Lifting. If you lift the 400kg weight and almost get the 500kg weight, you can salvage 2nd place.
Top Score: Around 535 kg


Shot Put

The Shot Put Event is somewhat similar to the Javelin event, as you are setting your angle and power once again to throw an object the farthest distance. The first thing you do is set the angle, try your best to get each of the 3 arrows for angle in the green zone. Each arrow will move faster than the previous one. If you accidentally set your trajectory too low or high, just use the next arrow to set it a bit higher or lower. Just try your best to make sure the final angle of throw (dotted line) is in the green zone.
Next, you’ll have to set the power, and Poptropica is trying to trick you here with various power rings spinning at different speeds. You’ll go crazy if you try and keep track of all of them, so the best strategy is to watch the outer ring. It’s the slowest one and also makes it easy to track as every 2nd revolution of the outer ring, all 3 of the power rings line up! Take your time and watch it and you’ll see the pattern. Click when all the rings line up and you should get a great shot put throw. It only takes one good Shot Put throw to get first place!


Triple Jump

The Triple Jump is like the long jump, with perfect timing you can get a nice long triple jump and win the Popotropolis Medallion! The timing for the triple jump is much trickier than the long jump though.
Start the triple jump by clicking and holding your mouse button. Let go of the mouse button when you get to the first white line and you’ll jump into the air. Get ready to click again as soon as you land on the next platform and then be ready to click again even quicker when you land on the final jumping platform! If you time it right, you’ll make a huge jump to the last platform and hopefully have a great triple jump. Be careful, if you mis-time your jumps, you’ll fall down and fault (you don’t die, don’t worry!).
If you place 1-3 in all the events with a few 4th place finishes, you will win the Poptropolis Games Medallion!


Bonus Quest Walkthrough

If you’re a member, you get to play one more event. Suddenly, Poptropolis begins shaking and no one knows why! The toughest Poptropolis Games Champion ever appears out of nowhere and challenges you to a wrestling match!


The wrestling event is quite easy, he will try moves on you and you just need to counter them 4 times and you’ll beat him. Move your mouse to the left side of the screen and be ready. The move that he plans to try will flash on the upper right. All you need to remember is the outer shape of the tile — square, octagon, circle. A few seconds later, 3 shapes with the moves will appear on your left. VERY Quickly click the shape that matched the move he was going to use on you.
Once you beat the Ancient Warrior, you will win the Ancient Warrior Outfit! Congratulations!

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