Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Pop-Tron-Olis Games

First off, the Poptropolis Games (also known as Reality TV Island 2: No Cameras* in some countries) is now out! It is really fun, it is made of a bunch of mini-games like RTV and the person with the lowest score at the end wins, so if you get first place in all of the mini-games then you automatically win because you have the lowest score possible. If you are a member then you also get a chance at wrestleing the last champion for a members only suit.
Also my favorite guy is comin  back to Poptropica!
Remember back on July 23, 2010 when the creators posted this?

A special guest is coming to Poptropica!
Greetings, Poptropica fans!
Recently, the creators of Poptropica learned of an
exciting new development: Next week, a special
guest is coming to Poptropica!

He's well known to many of you
(especially those of you who like to laugh)
for his hilarious adventures, not to mention his loony
friends and family.
Let's be sure to welcome him when he arrives.
Expect more information on Monday, Poptropicans.
You won't want to miss this!

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Well now they Have posted this!

Guess who?

This is a tough one!

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Seems that he is coming back. Last time he was here wasn't it just to announce his newest book?
Who knows what he is doing now?
UPDATE: Here is a link to an interview announcing one of the next islands (remember the last Wimpy Kid Island was first announced in an interview almost 6 months before on Poptropica).
"Soon they’ll be able to discuss a second Wimpy Kid Island, which will launch later this year."
Click HERE for the post. 
*the island is not know as "Reality TV Island 2: No Cameras" anywhere, that is just some of my humor.


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  2. i can tell becuse im a huge fan of dairy of a wimpy kid I <3 greg