Sunday, January 22, 2012

I wish that we could sail our sad days away, Forever, In deep blue seas of paper mâché

We're happy to tell you the launch date of our next Island, S.O.S. Island! S.O.S. Island will set sail next Thursday, January 26!

Visit the Poptropica homepage now to see the countdown to S.O.S. Island. And get ready for a rip-roaring adventure!

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First... Only four days until S.O.S! How excited are you? I can't wait for the Bonus Quest after it is  finished since we didn't get one before.

Even more posters available!

We now have three posters available through our partner, Take a look at: 
Every poster is available in your choice of size and paper stock. So visit our Zazzle store to check out these posters and other great Poptropica stuff!

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More posters? Some of them aren't up to date, like the Map and Medallions.

Lastly, there it is the first add of the new year! Treasure Buddies! (video guide coming)

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