Saturday, January 28, 2012

Plenty of news for S.O.S

S.O.S Island is now out! Guide coming soon! Next off, there are three new Members Only Items in the store. 
The first one is a Sonar Power that lets you  know when another Poptropican is getting close to you.
The second is a Fishing Pole and it is just a hand item.
The third is a Limited Time Sea Captain only available during early access, so get it now!

And there are the first 10 finishers of the island.

Congratulations to the first 10 finishers of S.O.S. Island!

The search and rescue is on, and already plenty of Poptropica Members have saved the day on S.O.S. Island. These 10 players did it even faster than anyone else.

1. Sneaky Foot
2. Silver Runner
3. Smart Berry
4. Nervous Thunder
5. Slippery Beetle
6. Slippery Spider
7. Small Sponge
8. Zippy Leopard
9. Wild Cheetah
10. Sticky Peanut

Can you help the crew of the Pequod? Visit Poptropica now to get started on S.O.S. Island!


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Congrats to them!
And finally, When is the next stage of Legendary Swords coming out??

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