Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy 4th

Play the 4th Birthday Balloon Game!

Visit any common room during the month of September to play! Find the special "4" balloon and pop it to get the 4th Birthday Costume!
Members Only Exclusive

Members Only Exclusive!

Each week in September, two rare items will be re-released for a limited time for you to grab and keep forever. Come back each week to grab these costumes or powers before they're locked up again by the cunning Dr. Hare!
Party Favors for All

Party Favors for All!

For the entire month of September, Poptropicans can get a commemorative birthday balloon for FREE in the Poptropica Store. How many of you have the "3" balloon from last year's party?
Poptropica's Fourth Birthday 
Looks like every week something new! Yay! Here are this weeks.

I'm guessing they will also release the members only Skulduggery Members Only Suit, the White Ninja Suit, the Find Nessie game, Snoopy Follower, Wild West Mini-Game, and the Paper Boy. I doubt they will release the 3rd birthday suit though.

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  1. I Found The Four balloon on my fourth try,on poptropica. Weird,isn't it? And another weird thing,I got The Mech Pilot,and it's not in my inventory,but when I clicked it in the store,it said I already bought it. Lol.