Thursday, August 11, 2011

Are the Creators trying to put blogs out of business?

Are the Creators trying to put blogs out of business? I would say no, but they have started making their own guides!

It replaced the "Mini-Store Stand" on Astro-Knights  so will this become a reoccurring thing on islands? I don't know but what I do know is that it is good. There is a home page that showcases the Mini-Guide parts that explain the most popular/hardest parts of the island, also a page that offers a Mini-Video Guide for each step of the Island, and a Help By Topic page that has a direct link to the videos that explain how to get each item, what to do in each room, and how to win the boss battles (as shown below). It is really quite impressive.

And there is a new PCB post on the new, upcoming, Mini-Game that seems to be based on Diner Dash. It even shares part of the name.

D.C. Diner is coming!

Are you ready for the newest Poptropica mini-game?

D.C. Diner is the craziest, zaniest restaurant you've ever seen. All of the VIPs who are about to board the Mystery Train are stopping in for a bite. It's up to you to serve them all and keep them happy!

D.C. Diner will be available very soon! Keep an eye on this space to be the first to know when it's available.

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D.C. Diner is now out and here are the pictures of all the prizes.
 And in other news, we can now friend on Poptropica! If you try to click on friend though, well, you cant, but it is an option. Also we can see what country everyone else is from.

Prety cool, ehh?

And in other news, you can now friend on Poptropica. Well if you try to click on "Friend" you cant soo.... Also there is a new feature where you can see what country everyone else is from!

Finaly, will we be getting a new, cool feature? Check this new Daily Pop post to see.
From Speeding Spikes facial hair I would say that the Creators are making thier own version of MAP
Sorry, this is a long post...


  1. Hmm,MAP? Could be. That Friend Button probably allowes you to friend them and then,in daily pop,maybe there will be a button for "Friends",when you click it,it'll tell you if they're online.Just a guess though.

  2. I think it is all pretty interesting.