Saturday, July 17, 2010

Episode 2

Me: Welcome to episode two.
Man in pit: I'm still here!
Me: My word, you can come out!
Man in pit: I can't.
Mr. Doggy: I hate this job
Me: I thought I fired you.
Mr Doggy: No I fired the hobo
Me: Then why is he still here?
Mr. Doggy: I'm too stressed.
Hobo: Hope you enjoyed this episode bye!
Me: Hobo..... Why did you say that? We haven't even started.
Hobo: Slug Bug.
Me: Quite were starting. Welcome to Episode two!
Director: We haven't started yet.
Me: Just start.
Director: Action!
Me: Welcome to episode two!!!!! Finally!
Hobo: Join us next week for....
Me: Will you stop that.
Hobo: No
Me: Okay just read my cue cards then.
Hobo: All righty then... Welcome, today I will lick fake doggy vomit! Wait what?!?!?!?!
Me: Ha ha. That's what you get for strapping my lines!
Hobo: I got pranked.
Mr. Doggy: Yo, I just um, you might want to clean the bathroom.
Me: Go lick it up hobo.
Hobo: aggghhh!!!!! *runs away*
Me: Now to begin the show let's bring out one of the British soilders from skullduggery!
Soilder: Floss my toes!
Hobo: Oh do let me do it.
Me: Um that is weird.
Zedonk: It is weird Keven.
Me: Let's go to a commercial break!

Infomercial voice: Did you know that if a male zebra and a female donkey have a baby it is called a Zedonk?

Me: And were back
Man in pit: About time.
Zadonk: Silence human!
Man in pit: No.
Me: So what do you do soilder?
Soilder: I'm a soilder.
Me: No, really?
Soilder: Yes.
Me: Shazam!
Hobo: Shazizzle
Me: What?
Hobo: Fo shizzle my hommie peep dawg.
Me: That was odd.
Hobo: What is the point of this show?
Me: It is to entertain the....
Hobo: Boaring!
Me: Fine I will just end this episode now. Join us next week!

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