Saturday, March 29, 2014

Introducing the Badges Feature!

*Spoiler Warning*
This is your warning, if you don’t want to learn what some of the upcoming features on Poptropica will be, then don’t read this post.


 If you do, however, want to find out what some new features coming soon to Poptropica may be, then read on!

Still here? Ready to get a sneak peak into the future of Poptropica? Here we go, let the post begin!
Through some recently uncovered pictures, we may have a look at some of Poptropica’s upcoming features! Here we have an example of what will come to be known as a “Badge Album”  when it is released. This one specific album is part of a bigger feature to be released.


There you have it! It appears that there will be an addition to the Friends feature in the near future. It features your Poptropica Avatar, your name, your battle ranking, and your Island Medallions. But what are those at the bottom? Those would be the Badge Albums.


There are four types of badges that you can earn, Collector, Socializer, Explorer, and Competitor. If I had to guess, I would assume that each  badge type was related to the following aspect of the game:
  • Collector relates to either how many items you have, or how many hidden items you have found within the game.
  • Socializer relates to how many friends you have, how much time you spend in common rooms, or how many times you chat and battle.
  • Explorer relates to how many islands that you have started or completed.
  • Competitor relates to your battle ranking/how many mini-games you have won, how many island medallions you have won, or how many times you have completed each island.
There is also another little feature hidden away in this new way to show off all of your achievements, a way to not show off your achievements! In the bottom left corner you can see this privacy lock.


This allows for you to hide your Friends page and profile. You can either have your profile shown to everyone, just your friends, or (presumably) not at all.


It appears that only time will tell all of the secrets that this badge feature has hidden away.
What do you think of all of this, are you excited to collect some badges? Are you gonna try to earn every badge? How do you even earn badges? Are you going to hide away all of your stats or show them off to the world? Sound off bellow with your thoughts about this new feature.
~Special thanks to Elphangor for providing pictures.

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