Monday, January 6, 2014

Some monstrous new Daily Pops!

The mystery of Monster Carnival Island continues to thicken with some new posts that have made their way onto the Daily Pop! Are these monsters our newest sneak peak for Monster Carnival, or is there another new island brewing bellow the surface? Check out these Daily Pop posts and make the decision!


The first picture shows us a tree with some evil looking owls in it, so what? The important part are the streamers and flags that are seen, is this a festive scene? Festive like a carnival? The rest just show various monsters.  The first two show a metal faced bird, a taxidermy  Jackalope, and multi-eyed dinosaur dog. The last picture shows an evil looking toxic waste monster.
It should be noted that the last two pictures are similar in that the monsters are labeled with numbers. Are these exhibits to go and see on Monster Carnival Island?


So what do you think? Are these our first official look at the Monsters of Monster Carnival Island or something totally new, only time will tell!

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