Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Adventures of Captain Lightning: Episode 13

Episode 13: Into the Fire Part Two
As soon as Captain heard the noise he saw Booth fly backwards and hit the wall behind him. He seemed badly wounded and wasn’t moving. When he looked over to where the noise came from he saw the Xenon-8 commander in all of his terrifying glory.
“Welcome young hero…”
The Commander unleashed another shot out of his alien weapon. It looked like a giant bolt crackling with energy.
“I created it just to defeat you with. Fitting that the Captain Lightning will be defeated with nothing other than lightning.”
“You will never get the chance!”
“I wouldn’t be so sure!”
Captain ran at the Commander but as soon as he was there the Commander had disappeared.
“You can’t thing that you are the only one with special powers!”
It was at this moment that the Commander appeared right in front of Captain and slashed at him with the bolt, missing him by only a matter of inches. Continually assaulting Captain the Commander was brutal. He was going to show no mercy at all. His invasion of the planet would not be stopped. He would not fail.

While Captain was having his battle, the knights had their own. Once Captain made his way into the building an army of the Xenon-8 appeared at the top of the volcano.
“Kill the fleshlings!!”
The battle had begun.
The knights stood their ground waiting on the Xenon-8 to come closer, then charged at them. Slashing at the knights, the aliens had no technique, leaving themselves open to be slashed down by the knights. Even with their limited fighting ability, there were so many of them, the knights couldn’t hold them off for long. With more continuously coming, the army was slowly getting closer to the castle. If they got in, it would all be over. It was all over. The Xenon-8 were bringing out the big one.

Captain was still doing his best to find the controller to shut down the portal. It was rather hard to look while being attacked by the ugliest creature in the galaxy. His attacks were completely brutal. Booth had already gone down. Would Captain be next? While the bolt was zinging towards his face there was little time to search for what he came for. Everything looked the same. On the inside, the castle was little more than a cave. Captain had to make his way over to Booth to get something to fight back with or else the mission would fail. Captain would only have one chance.

The knights were also having the fight of their lives. They were able to hold off the waves of mindless soldiers but there was a really big one with a fin that was slowly getting closer and closer to them. They hoped that Captain could get his mission done before they had to face the big daddy Xenon-8.

While the knights were hoping that Captain would be done soon, his plan hatched. He managed to kick the Commander in the stomach (area since he was a skeleton) and he flew backwards. While he was down Captain sprinted over to Booth and grabbed the Xenon-8 detaining net. Mow this contraption was invented as a large net that when thrown over a Xenon-8 disables them to no more than a motionless pile of bones. As Captain grabbed it and threw it on the Commander the fight was over. Captain had defeated this alien menace and was ready to go home. Wait a minute, Captain was thinking to himself, I still haven’t found the portal controls! It wasn’t near the Commander’s chair. It wasn’t even in the room! Where else could it be… He then looked over at the Commander’s secret weapon. That was the key, that was the control. He ran over and grabbed it then bolted out of the door. He ran all the way back to meet up with the knights.

The big daddy Xenon-8 was on its way to the knights. There was no way that they could hold it off.
“It was a great honor to fight with you men.” 
“The honor was ours,” The other two knights said.
This is when the unexpected happened in a marvelous way. A bolt of lightning flew through the castle door and straight into the gargantuan foe. It then fell with a boom. Captain ran out of the door and rallied the knights behind him. With Captain leading the way blasting the Xenon-8 away with the portal control and the knights behind him cleaning up the stragglers, they soon made their way back to the portal. Once they were back on their own planet Captain charged the weapon up all the way and let it fire with all of its might through the portal. The portal then shrank until it disappeared. The world was saved. The mission was complete.
“Where is the gallant fighter Booth?” asked one of the knights.
“He didn’t make it…”

Three Hours Later:
Captain and the knights were just arriving at the lab when the Professor ran out and embraced them.
“Great job men, I knew that you could complete the mission!”
“Not without loss.”
“He knew what he was getting into.”
They all looked at each other solemnly. No one spoke a word until the Professor chimed back in.
“You still have to clean up all of the Xenon-8 still here.”
“We can save that till tomorrow, can’t we?”

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