Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Poptropolis Games!

More details about Poptropolis Games!

Yesterday, we showed you the trailer for the next Poptropica Island, Poptropolis Games. Now, we've got even more details!

The city of Poptropolis rises from the sea once every 100 years to host a tournament devoted to proving tribal supremacy. In Poptropolis Games, you'll choose a tribe to represent, and compete in several track and field events in pursuit of the championship. It won't be easy!

Visit the Poptropolis Games info page for even more information, and to download a free desktop wallpaper and printable poster!

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Pretty cool, eh? Since the Olympics are coming out this summer it's is even cooler. Also the Atlantis part of the theme. I can't wait! How about you?

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