Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Official Guide to Spook Central

Go to your flying blimp and go to the map. Fly until you see Ghost Story Island and click on "PLAY THE SPOOK CENTRAL GAME NOW!"
You are now in a room full of machinery, and there is a women working on a large broken machine. After you talk to the woman (her name’s Daphne Dreadnaught), she tells you about how the machine harbored five ghost and they escaped to different islands and it is up to you to find them (and if you do it will be worth your while). To help, she gives you a file on who and where the ghosts are, a net to catch them in and an EMF detector to tell when they are near.

You must travel to the different islands to find the ghosts. When they see you they say "Aha! I see you mortal!" and try to fly away but you have to touch them with your net to capture them and get them back to Daphne. The Brown Lady is on Skullduggery Island, main street. Sweet William’s Ghost is Shrink Ray Island, main street. Deogen is on Steamworks Island, in the museum. The Headless Horseman is outside the factory on 24 Carrot Island. The Bell Witch is inside the Trading Post on Wild West island.
After you catch all of the ghosts, you need to touch them with the net, go back to Daphne’s lab. She says “Oh, you’ll get what’s coming to you” (if you are a Non-Member, the journey stops here for you). Then she unleashes all the ghosts in her lab and tries to use them to conquer Poptropica. You have to capture them like you did before. If you can’t catch them in under a minute, they take over Poptropica. If you succeed in catching them, you get the Ghost Hunter Suit and the satisfaction of saving Poptropica. For the 18th time!


  1. do you have to be a member?

  2. When it was out, non-members could only play part of the quest, but now no one can play it, because it was only avaliable before the release of the island.