Sunday, October 23, 2011

Things that Poptropica wants you to forget: Monster Carnival Island

"In other news. Codien has uncovered some very rare pictures that Smockers would love to have. :mrgreen:

Does this have a connection to either of the Mechanical Jungle or the UFO mysteries? …DUH DOH DAH


Found in one of Codien's walk-through videos."

This is from the PHB, and it is a few years old but it still interests everyone. What happened? Where did it go? Will it come back? And why were the item leaked?

After doing the research I have found some answers that just might answer these questions. 

It all starts in 2008 when leaks from the island including horns, wings, etc. 


The dragon wings were the same colour as your hair.

So apparently there was some kind of 'Leak' just before the release of Monster Island. Due to the resemblance of the items towards 'Monsters', I'm guessing they came from the island too. Maybe this is why Monster Island never came out.

So when did this 'leak' happen. Well i have have found on many sites that it happened 2 to 3 months ago.
So what type of items were leaked. Well i went researching and this is what i found.

Unicorn horn

Scrawny wings

Face polka dots

Dragon Spikes and tail (One of the items Legoless had)

Dragon Wings

Bubble brain (Another of the items Legoless had)

Dragon wings (for head)

Goat Horns (Another of the items Legoless had)

Dragonfly wings

Body stripes

Body dots

Devil horns" from the PHB on the leaks....

So, after this has happened, the leaks had "happened" to disappear slowly. Then, a few days later, the island completely disappeared. A few years and a long enough time to forget later, almost all of the leaked items where released in the store as the "Furry Monsters" and nothing has come if it. The Creators have never even said anything about the existence or disappearance of this island, almost as if it never existed...

Now that you know the back story here is the theory on what happened and it is very simple....

A bug in the computer coding that made up the island compromised it and sent random parts of it out, this same bug made the island unusable because of th flaws in coding etc. so they just got rid of it and never looked back or acknowledged it.       

Thanks for reading "Things that Poptropica wants you to forget: Monster Carnival Island"


  1. Any other ideas for an investigation?

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  3. Hey its me SL i saw the monster carnival island before i came online and stuff when i was in 2nd grade and i had some of the stuff but it got deleted and u can get some of that stuff like factmonster from my friend 607 on he can turn a person into a girl and buy the rare "girl" monster stuff. plus my poptropican keeps on getting rarer so ill comment on the rare page kk ~ SL sorry about long comment

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  6. 2014 - it's here...

  7. u can get the wings by adding zuzu1234x