Monday, April 12, 2010

1000 HITS

I was checking out my blog when ... I was my 1,000 hit! I don't know what to do but it will be big. My 1,000th hit was 4-12-10 at 6:43 CST.

P.S. In my new poll where it says specify in post um.... this is it.
The cool accounts will have 1. One of the new knight suits 2. Dr. Hairs Mini-quest 3. A few credits to spend as you please.

The Multiverse idea will have a suit that you will have to win an island for like the knights on Astro-Knight island or Betty-Jetty or suits from Dr. Hairs Mini-Quest( it would be better to do the idea above with the accounts that have Dr. Hairs Mini-Quest so you could get ze facial hair!)

The others are self explanatory.
Post a comment if you have an idea for other or would like to have a chance to win an account with cool stuff!

Update: 2 years later and well over 40,00 hits.

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