Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why is poptropica down for maintenance?

Maintenance. The word on every Poptropicans lips is "Maintenance". Some people say RTV (Reality TV Island) Some say Maintenance may mean Membership.I don't know what it is so I will say Membership as the likely cause. I don't really know. It went down at about 12:40 EST (Not my time zone but I didn't know the 3 or 4 letters for mine :C) And it should be up by at least 6:45 EST but what do I know? Check out these other cool posts! Hits and Monkey Business

EDIT: Look! I know this is membership because if you look closely it says BLA BLA BLA then Terms Of Use* Privacy Policy* *updated 1/10 and the updated is really small, nearly same color as the home page and is hard to see. So of course the pay money to get stuff means that you will update your Terms of use. So membership is here. Be prepared to see people in a multiverse or multiplayer room putting on every 250 or higher item. I'm just a little sad that i spent half a day earning enough credits to get the multiverse and people will just get there parents to get it. But I'm not really mad. I could have waited till now. Oh well. Enter the membership =D
Hello if you are viewing this because of maintenece on 3-24-10 go here.