Saturday, August 1, 2009

Glitches, a big Bard, a vacation, and a party.

Hey here are some new glitches that I found. I will add them to the cheat codes page soon to.

Dark Green Electrifier
1:Put on as much green as you can find
2:Put on green electrifier
3:Log out
4:Log in and you should have a dark green electrifier

Dark Purple Electrifier(boys)
1:Put on the bat persons suit from Shark Tooth
2:Put on purple Electrifier
3:Log out
4:Log back in and you should have a dark purple Electrifier

Dark Purple Electrifier(girls)
1:Put on Gothic Cheerleader suit (if you cant put on Gothic cheerleader suit use bat suit from shark tooth but it might not be as affective)
2:Put on purple Electrifier
3:Log out
4:Log in and you should have dark purple Electrifier

Colorless Electrifier
1:Put on Electrifier
2:Hop in the water on the Ice Planet of Astro-Knights
3:While in the water your color is colorless

Red Electrifier(only works if you have not won Astro-Knights)
1:Put on blue electrifier
2:Ride the Unicorn
3:While riding it press ctrl shift s rapidly
4:When you get back you will have a red Electrifier

Here is a weird Binary Bard

Tomorrow at noon Central-American time I am leaving for vacation. That's 1am for Scary Tomato and all of you in Hong-Kong time. I hope I will be on hand for the big poll turn out party. I hope the hotel has Internet. I aim for 50 votes and I have 42. Tell your friends to vote. Hope you injoy the glitches.


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