Saturday, July 18, 2009

Codes Of The Cheating Variaty.

Type in:
ctrl shift r: randomly change character

ctrl shift p: pumpkin head

ctrl shift s: change skin color

ctrl shift h: change hair color

ctrl shift f4 : random words appears

ctrl shift f12: a bar appears at the bottom of the screen, you can type in it.

ctrl shift f6: does the same thing as first cheat code

ctrl shift 1: laughing emote

ctrl shift 2: crying emote

ctrl shift 3: angry emote

ctrl shift 4: jumping emote
"Easter Eggs"
Black Juice (as shown above)

Step1: Go to 24 Carrot Island

Step2: Go into Carrot King Dinner

Step3:Go to the change your hair color section

Step4:Fill your cup full of white.

Step5:While you drink it press ctrl shift s

Step6:Your mouse will turn into a spiral. Close out of Poptropica completely

Step7:Log back in and you will be holding a cup of black juice where ever you go until you customize it away.

Nabooti Phone Codes(as shown above)
Type in these numbers into the Nabboti Phone
411- A brain helmet
911- Cop gear
1337 -Ned Noodlehead gear
1225- Santa hat and Bag.

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