Friday, August 12, 2011

The official guide to D.C. Diner

It is here and once again, Membership segregates who can get certain prizes. The game is about seating people, getting them coffee, soda, or root beer, then serving them either chicken, a burger, or desert, and then cleaning their plate doing this for every customer before time runs out. You get +30 seconds for everyone you serve the first two shifts, +20 seconds the next two shifts, then +15 for the rest of the game. The only bad part is that Non-Members can only do 3 shifts... (thats why I got membership, so I can bring you guys more accurite posts on the world of Poptropica.) Members can do as many shifts as they want and win all the prizes. Also Members also get more upgrades to help them. Here are the upgrades and prizes.


Hostess (members and non-members): Seats everyone whenever there is an open seat.
Fast Drinks (members and non-members): makes filling drinks faster.
Larger Tray (members only): Enables you to carry more orders at one time.
Bus Boy (members only): Makes washing dishes instant.
Faster Cook (members only): Lets you make three orders at a time and they cook faster.

Like I said above, non-members can only do three shifts then can play the mini-game but Members can go as far as they want.


Edison Light Bulb (members and non-members): Thomas Edison comes in and when you serve him you get this cool hand held light bulb. It only lights up when you press space bar though.

Mark Twain Haircut (members and non-members): Mark twain comes into your dinner and when you serve him you get his epic new haircut but that's all you get.

Magicians Hat (members and non-members): After you serve Harry Houdini, you get this awesome new hat with a lot of special features. When you press space bar bubbles come out and a bunny pops up and sometimes flowers do also.

Eiffel Tower Hat (members only): After Gustav Eiffel eats in your diner, you receive an Eiffel Tower hat. >(insert clever pun here, get it?)<

Tesla Coil (members only): After Nikola Tesla eats and leaves, you get the Tesla Coil. This item is like the Electrifier, and it also makes you shoot lightning after you press space bar.